The Challenge of Publishing a Book

Previously, the only way to get a book published would be through the services of an established literary agent. Today, the landscape has changed significantly for aspiring authors. This blog seeks to explore the different ways and methods of publication. Interested readers will learn why self-publishing is now an accepted form of releasing a book out into the world. Research is, of course, a key element, and budget may be an obstacle to some methods of publication. Other articles will also discuss the pros and cons of general contractor publishing, including hiring an editor's services.

What Is Self Publishing and How Does It Work?

20 Jan 2023

Any author considering self publishing needs to familiarize themselves with some of the key terms such as 'print on demand', 'ISBN', 'proof copy' etc. It also helps if writers understand the process of self publishing from the beginning of writing to marketing and promotion at the end.

Why Do I Need an Editor?

19 Dec 2022

Authors need to know the different types of editing available and what each of them does to help a book along the way to being published. Whilst authors should contribute to their own editing, they also need professional editors to take the book to the next level.

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

14 Nov 2022

Discover the pros and cons of traditional publishing. By far the largest advantage of traditional publishing is the prestige this gives to your book. However, there is a price to pay for this stamp of approval. The whole process will take longer and authors receive a very small percentage of the royalties.

3 Different Ways to Publish a Book

3 Oct 2022

With 3 different ways of publishing a book, authors need to consider what is most important to them, so they can make the right choice for themselves. Authors need to be aware of what the pluses and minuses of self-publishing, hybrid publishing and traditional publishing are.