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Translation Services

As the world gets smaller, the need to communicate to people around the world increases. If your book has worldwide appeal, you should consider making it available in languages other than English.

Kern Corporation

'KERN provides a broad spectrum of language solutions to meet today’s international communication needs. Whether your audience is at home or abroad, let us show you what we can offer you – creation of technical documentation for various foreign markets, graphic design and editorial work for your marketing materials, localization of software packages and your website, subject-specific language training for your sales and marketing organization, and even interpreting services for sales meetings, all from a single source.'

Website: http://www.e-kern.com/us/kern/contact/america-asia/new-york.html
Phone: 888-775-KERN
Address: 230 Park Avenue - Suite 1517 - New York City, N.Y. - 10169

Verbatim Solutions - Your Translation Partner

'Verbatim is a trusted provider of Translation Services to Small Businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, Government Entities, and Individuals worldwide.'

Website: http://www.verbatimsolutions.com/
Phone: (800) 573-5702
Address: 48 Wall St - New York, NY - 10005

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